Farmers urged to use real price comparisons

Meat Industry Ireland has urged farmers to include all cattle grades in any price comparisons, and called for a balanced approach to talks at the Beef Forum today.

Joe Ryan of Meat Industry Ireland said: “The continued misuse of inappropriate price comparators is misleading and is exacerbating the situation. The June 2014 independent Dowling report confirmed that focusing solely on the UK R3 steer comparison does not give an accurate reflection of the true extent of the range of animals that Ireland produces and the diversity of meat cuts we sell across all our markets.

“A more appropriate price comparator will take account of all grades of all animals (steers, heifers, cows, bulls, young bulls) that Ireland produces and all the various markets to which we export meat cuts.”

The group says the IFA’s protests outside meat plants have been damaging to business, imposing further costs on companies and impacting the supply of fresh beef to important customers.

Mr Ryan said: “Negotiations need to be done around the table and not through blockades, business disruption and media soundbites... It is important that we build on the progress made over the past two weeks.”


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