Farmers in eight counties increased cropping in 2016

Farmers protesting at Foynes Port.
Farmers protesting at Foynes Port.

Farmers in eight counties picked a bad year to significantly increase their crop acreages.

The coastal counties from Wexford, through Cork, up to Donegal had very poor grain harvesting conditions.

Farmers in the Midlands were also affected.

As a result, cereal farms nationally were loss-making on average this year.

Crop areas declared under the basic payment scheme indicate that farmers in Cavan, Clare, Galway, Leitrim, Longford, Mayo, Roscommon, and Sligo greatly increased cropping in 2016.

Cavan farmers went from 290.59 tillage hectares sown in 2015 to 1,018.58 in 2016.

The increase was from 124.46 to 414.07 hectares in Clare; from 4803.92 to 5828.85 hectares in Galway; from 28.64 to 211.53 hectares in Leitrim; from 448.73 to 943.99 hectares in Longford; from 352.29 to 901.92 hectares in Mayo; from 1,002.08 to 1,719.5 hectares in Roscommon; and from 141.76 to 313.91 hectares in Sligo.


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