€30/ha bonus for bean growers

Bean growers are benefiting from a protein aid scheme payment increase from €250 to €280/ha, to fully utilise the funds allocated to it.

Meanwhile, as the harvest draws towards an end, beans were slow to ripen.

Desiccation of beans is rarely worthwhile unless weeds are an issue, said advisers.

Similar conditions were experienced in 2011 with resulting high yields, although the harvest was late.

Some early drilled winter cereals were emerging last week, but most drilling was not expected to begin until this week, said Teagasc advisers in their crops report.

“Consider take-all and BYDV implications when drilling early, and manage these risks appropriately,” said advisers.

A small but significant area of winter crops, mainly barley, displayed BYDV symptoms in 2015.

Early drilled cereals are most at risk and given the confirmed presence of the KDR gene (which confers pyrethroid resistance) amongst the grain aphid population, seed treatment is advisable this autumn.

Where seed is to be home-saved, it is important that it is tested for germination, micodochium (fusarium) seedling blight, etc to ensure that it is suitable for use as seed.

Certified seed offers growers high germination capacity, purity of sample, free of weed seeds within tolerance levels, and treated against seed borne diseases.

In winter oil seed rape, flea beetle damage is common and severe in some cases, however most crops are well below treatment thresholds.

Many crops did not receive pre-emergence weed control so post-emergence options need to be assessed in the next few weeks.

Initial estimates suggest the new winter oil seed rape crop is smaller than the 7,500 ha harvested in 2015.

Advisers said last week there was still time to stubble cultivate, which encourages annual grass-weeds to germinate, and reduces slug numbers.

This is important where grass weeds were prevalent in crops this year, or if in-crop control options are limited, as in winter barley.

Chickweed and other weed “re-growth” in stubbles are common this year due to cool weather in May reducing product efficacy.

Grass weeds were prevalent in many crops in 2015.

All growers should remain vigilant against grass weeds invading their farms such as brome, canary grass and blackgrass. Most cereals will receive their weed control at the 2-4 leaf stage.

ALS-resistant groundsel has been confirmed in France in 2015, noted advisers.


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