€17m grant aid on offer for pig and poultry farms

Latest addition to TAMS 2 grant schemes
Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney announced the TAMS II Scheme for Pig and Poultry investments last week.

The €17m scheme offers grants for investment in medicine dispenser units, water meters, solar panels, heat recovery units/heat pumps, energy efficient boilers, feed system upgrades (for medication reduction and energy efficiency), energy efficient upgrade for farrowing house, weaner housing, fattener housing, poultry house and disease reduction facilities for existing poultry houses.

The first tranche of applications will close towards the end of October.

The Department of Agriculture has published the following guidelines to TAMS 2 schemes totalling €395m of grant co-funded by the EU up to 2020.

How is the grant amount calculated?

Factors that influence grant calculation include:

* lowest of the reference cost/proposed cost/receipts.

* lesser of the approved/completed dimensions/quantities.

* completion of investments to the relevant specifications.

* receipts/certificates/etc to the required standard.

* any penalties that may arise.

What is proposed cost?

On the application form, the applicant must enter the proposed cost for each investment.

This is the applicant’s estimated cost for completing the investment.

What are selection criteria and the ranking of applications?

As part of the application processes, each eligible application will be assessed in accordance with the criteria in order of priority.

Each application will be awarded marks (as outlined on the marking sheet for the relevant scheme) and then ranked highest to lowest.

What are the dos and donts of making my claim for payment?

Ensure that all supporting documents are submitted and each document is to the required standard.

Ensure that only receipts relevant to the investments are included with the payment claim.

Ensure that only dimensions/quantities that are completed/found are quoted on the payment claim.

Ensure investments are completed in line with specifications.

Ensure that any tax clearance in respect of the applicant and relevant contractor is in order.

Will there be part payments on TAMS 2 applications?

No part payments will be allowed on TAMS 2 applications, except in the case of an additional payment to a Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme applicant who completed the training (within 36 months of approval) and the initial payment of 40% has been made.

Can I be paid my grant by cheque?

No, payments can only be made by electronic fund transfer, so your bank account details must be registered with the Department before payment can be made.

Can I apply for all TAMS II schemes?

Yes, subject to payments for all applications not exceeding the overall TAMS II super ceiling of €80,000 (€160,000 for partnerships).

(Please note that investments under the Low Emission Slurry Spreading Scheme are not subject to this super ceiling)

Do all building/structures/fixed equipment need planning permission?

Yes, building/structures/fixed equipment require either full planning permission or a letter of exemption.

The investment list in the annex of the relevant terms and conditions identifies investments that require full planning permission or a letter of exemption.



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