Cattle marts report: Angus and Hereford store bullocks are changing hands for offers of around €2/kg

“Certainly there has been a rise in the trade since Brexit, that’s clear to see. You couldn’t say that prices in the marts have bounced back completely to their pre-Brexit level, but there has been a recovery,” said auctioneer Jerh O’Sullivan of Cork Co-Op Marts after the cattle sale in Macroom on Saturday.

And how does the cattle trade look as we head on through the first week of August?

Looking first at the bullock trade, in general throw €200 onto the weight of a 400kg Friesian bullock, and you’ll get the ball rolling at the mart, you may even be in the running for the animal.

€2/kg for Hereford or Angus store bullocks, and again, you could well be in the final shake up.

You may not get them for that price, but you never know, it’s a mart after all, the gavel can come down at any time.

Pay €2/kg, plus €100 on top, and the continental store animal should be within your grasp. Continental heifers at the moment are marginally up on their male counterparts.

Offer €2/kg in the heifer ring for Angus and Hereford heifers, and the auctioneer could well let you have them. And that’s the mart trade in a nutshell for this week.

It has been a tough year at the marts for farmers, it’s been a tough year at the marts for the auctioneer. We have all had to work hard to turn that all important penny.

In Macroom Mart on Saturday, as our mart pictures will testify, it was a cattle sale with some smashing weanling stock on offer, with a good demand amongst buyers particularly for weanling heifers. 

In Macroom on Saturday, dry cows sold from €30 under to €585 over the kilo. Continental bullocks sold from €285 to €760 over the kilo.

Hereford and Aberdeen bullocks sold from €240 to €615 over their weight. Heifers in Macroom on Saturday sold from €260 to €680 over the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

3 Hr steers 515kg 1050

4 AA steers 405kg 850

3 Lm steers 435kg 1110

4 Lm heifers 455kg 1070

2 Ch heifers 435kg 955

1 Lm cow 745kg 1330

1 Fr cow 655kg 900

Looking at the mart trade as autumn begins, I feel that it’s a lot like that nutcase who jumped from a plane over the weekend without the benefit of a parachute. 

Both ventures carry a considerable amount of risk. Indee,d the cattle business has, for many years , felt a lot like skydiving without a parachute.

Anyway, moving on, as the year draws to a close, similar to the way the ground beneath the skydiver came into view, you get the feeling that all may not be lost, and the talk of a calamitous conclusion may not come to fruition.

The cattle trade is holding steady, a lot steadier than many ‘experts’ in the beef game had predicted earlier in the year.

And while alas, unlike the skydiver, we don’t have the luxury of a safety net to aim for, we might still get through the year with only minor scrapes and bruises, paving the way for 2017, when I predict we will dust ourselves off, and take flight in the beef business once again.

So don’t be looking down like a skydiver, keep the head up for the remainder of 2016, because there is still every chance that this year could end with a bounce rather than a bang.

And in Skibbereen on Friday dry cows sold from €80 under to €445 with the kilo. Heifers in Skibbereen made from €300 to €720 with their weight. Continental bullocks in Skibbereen sold from €500 to €700 with the kilo.

Hereford and Angus bullocks made from €380 to €600 with their weight.

Weanling bulls sold from €300 to €600 with their weight in Skibbereen on Friday.



No Breed Sex Weight €

3 Lm steers 460kg 1160

4 Ch steers 348kg 880

7 Hr steers 617kg 1140

1 Ch heifer 450kg 925

2 Lm heifers 405kg 945

3 BB heifers 521kg 1240

1 Ch cow 755kg 1200

“We had a very lively Bank Holiday sale here with 160 buyers at the ring sides very anxious to purchase stock,” Dens Kirby reported after Monday’s cattle sale at the Co Limerick mart. 

Bullocks in Kilmallock sold for up to €2.75 per kg. Heifers hit a high of €2.58 per kg. Dry cows sold for up to €1.58 per kg.

Strong runner type calves in Kilmallock made up to €745, paid for a 20 week old Charolais bull. Friesian bulls made €150 a head, an example of this would be 12 Friesian bull calves, 2/3 weeks old, selling for €150 each.

Suckler cows in Kilmallock sold for up to €2,450 (which was paid for a three-year-old pedigree Limousin heifer and her heifer calf) while dairy stock hit an solid high of €1,210 (paid for a four-year-old calved cow).

Kilmallock mart will host a weanling show and sale on Monday next, August 8.

Judging of weanlings will take place at 9.30am, with the weanling sale commencing at 10.30 a.m starting with bulls. Also at Kilmallock, all bullocks born in 2014 or earlier will be sold at 10.30 am, no entry required. All 2015 bullocks need to be pre-booked.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Lm steer 390kg 840

4 Hr steers 360kg 785

2 AA steers 293kg 585

1 Lm heifer 490kg 1095

1 Ch heifer 375kg 945

3 Hr heifers 477kg 925

1 Fr cow 480kg 550

Next we move to Kanturk, where on Tuesday evening, mart manager Seamus O’Keeffe gave us this report after the day’s cattle sale.

“We had 553 cattle and calves on offer, with buyers and sellers from all over the country present,” he said. 

“There was a flying trade for all cattle with plenty of farmer customers looking for store cattle to eat surplus grass. Our next weanling show and sale is also an autumn born weanling show and sale and will take place on August 23, kindly sponsored by Southern Milling, Cork.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

6 Hr steers 585kg 1090

2 AA steers 570kg 1055

1 Ch steer 485kg 1000

1 AA heifer 545kg 1050

1 Lm heifer 320kg 750

1 Fr cow 710kg 1040

1 Fr cow 600kg 840

And finally for this week we go to Corrin in Cork, where on Tuesday the mart had 630 cattle on offer.

“We had a very lively trade again here this week, just as lively as last week’s improved trade,” Sean Leahy, Corrin Mart manager reported. “The good trade for heifers also continued on Tuesday.”

In Corrin Mart, store bullocks sold from €200 to €600 over the kilo, with beef bullocks making up to €660 over the kilo. The store heifers on view in Corrin made from €200 to €500 over the kilo with butcher types making up to €690 over the kilo.

Sean also reported “a strong trade for dry cows” at the sale in Corrin.

At Tuesday’s sale , dry cows sold from €400 up to €1,080 a head.



No Breed Sex Weight €

4 Lim steers 575kg 1200

4 Fr steers 500kg 865

4 Hr steers 550kg 1095

1 Ch heifer 600kg 1290

2 BB heifers 400kg 905

1 Sim cow 785kg 1080

1 Fr cow 780kg 1080


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