Beef marts: Enda and store cattle are on the move, as mart trade holds firm

It looks like Enda Kenny’s forthcoming visit to Washington will be his last high-flying trip as Taoiseach.

So this means the trip is taking on a whole new meaning as Enda will be facing Trump with nothing to lose.

Enda is going, regardless of how he behaves in the White House, so he might as well tell the American President exactly what he thinks of him.

He can even punch him right on the hooter and there will be no consequences, bar Enda’s prompt arrest of course. Enda is on the move, he’s as free as the wind.

And speaking of moving, cattle have finally started to move, numbers at the mart are on the increase with prices for store bullocks and heifers remaining firm.

Kilmallock mart on Monday saw a big increase in cattle numbers. The mart had 1,487 stock on offer, and this number included 700 calves. Friesian weanling and bullock prices showed an increase on the previous week.

One example here from Monday’s sale is five Friesian weanlings, weighing 333kg and selling for €640 (€1.92 per kg). 

Bullocks sold for up to €2.32 per kg. Weanlings hit €2.57 per kg. Dry cows sold for up to €1.92 per kg. Heifers hit €3.11 per kg.

The top seller in the dairy ring was a five-year-old calved cow, selling for €1,580. Suckler cows sold to a high of €1,860 (paid for a four-year-old Blonde and her bull calf).

Calves made up to €500 (paid for one five-week-old Belgian Blue).

From this Friday onwards, a sale of Friesian bull calves begins in Kilmallock mart. This sale will get underway at 12 noon with intake at the mart open from 9am.

Next Monday, February 27, a spring dairy show and sale takes place at the Co Limerick mart. This sale starts at 11am, with 100 top class dairy cows on offer.



No Breed Sex Weight €

4 Hr steers 395kg 800

2 AA steers 325kg 695

2 Fr steers 358kg 665

4 Ch steers 600kg 1375

1 AA heifer 450kg 920

1 Fr cow 480kg 830

1 Lm cow 545kg 1045

I took a trip to Kanturk mart on Tuesday.

Kanturk had 763 cattle on offer, including 410 calves, and the trade was as good and lively as the characters who inhabit the North Cork mart. 

The top sellers on the day were a fine pack of Hereford bullocks weighing 260kg and selling for €815.

I met mart manager Seamus O’Keeffe who was pleased with the trade, but not so pleased with the beef factory situation.

“Cattle should be making €100 a head more at the factory, it’s as simple as that,” he said. 

“Store cattle here are selling well and calves are selling well, particularly well, when you consider the poor return coming for the finished animal.”

And as if we needed proof of a good selling environment, as Seamus spoke to me by the ring, in came a handy young Limousin heifer weighing 210kg and selling for €600.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 AA steer 550kg 1075

1 Lm steer 620kg 1140

2 Fr steers 525kg 830

2 Ch steers 700kg 1405

3 Hr steers 236kg 560

3 AA heifers 338kg 690

1 Ch heifer 295kg 680

In Bandon mart on Monday dry cows sold from €40 under to €500 with the kilo.

Aberdeen Angus and Hereford bullocks sold from €320 to €700 with the weight. Friesian bullocks in Bandon made from €200 to €380 with the kilo. Continental bullocks made from €400 to €700 with the kilo. Heifers here made from €320 to €710 with the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

2 Sim steers 527kg 1180

2 Lm steers 432kg 1010

6 AA steers 494kg 985

5 Hr steers 429kg 810

4 Ch heifers 650kg 1360

1 Fr cow 720kg 1020

1 Hr cow 635kg 1160

Kilkenny mart had 180 calves on offer at its calf sale held on Tuesday. At the sale continental bull calves sold between €250 and €450 a head. Friesian bulls made from €30 to €280 a head.

And looking back to last Thursday’s general cattle sale, mart manager George Candler gave us this following summing up. 

“We had a smaller sale here on Thursday, not sure why, but trade remains firm with quality continental bullocks and heifers meeting an excellent trade. The best call of the day was in the cow ring where €2.55 per kilo was paid for a Belgian Blue cow weighing 845kg and selling for €2,150.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 AA steer 680kg 1270

2 Fr steers 660kg 1180

6 Lm steers 555kg 1390

1 Sim heifer 270kg 730

3 Ch heifers 430kg 1140

1 Lm heifer 610kg 1320

2 AA heifers 550kg 1095

Suckler cows in Skibbereen on Friday sold from €900 to €1,280 a head. Dry cows made from €50 under to €435 with the kilo.

Bullocks sold from €250 up to €700 with their weight. Heifers in Skibbereen sold from €300 to €655 with the kilo. Weanling bulls sold from €250 to €600 with the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

4 Ch steers 392kg 880

2 Lm steers 325kg 820

1 AA steer 470kg 980

3 Hr heifers 278kg 680

1 Sim cow 650kg 1010

1 Fr cow 765kg 1070

1 Sh cow 665kg 1100

In Dungarvan mart on Monday Friesian bull calves sold from €70 to €140 a head.

Hereford bull calves were making up to €370 a head, with quality Belgian Blue calves selling up to €420 a head in Dungarvan on Monday.



No Breed Sex Weight €

2 Hr steers 550kg 1135

6 Fr steers 582kg 1000

4 Hr steers 427kg 895

6 AA heifers 320kg 790

1 Fr cow 765kg 1080

1 Sim cow 690kg 1070

1 Fr cow 665kg 950

“An excellent trade for bullocks,” and “a strong trade for both dry cows and heifers,” was the report we received from Corrin mart manager Sean Leahy. 

In Corrin on Tuesday store bullocks made from €200 to €480 with their weight, with beef bullocks making up to €580 with the kilo. 

Heifers sold from €260 to €380 with the weight, with butcher types making up to €770 with the kilo. Dry cows in Corrin made from €500 to €1,400 a head.



No Breed Sex Weight €

3 Lm steer 288kg 710

2 Hr steers 720kg 1305

2 Hr heifers 295kg 695

1 BB heifer 610kg 1280

1 AA heifer 600kg 1260

1 Fr cow 790kg 1180

1 Ch cow 820kg 1400

In Macroom on Saturday dry cows sold from €60 under to €450 over the kilo.

Continental bullocks made from €295 to €650 over the kilo. Hereford and Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold from €250 to €560 over their weight. Heifers sold from €250 to €550 over their weight.



No Breed Sex Weight €

7 Hr steers 415kg 880

2 Lm steers 390kg 1040

1 Sim steer 470kg 1050

1 Ch heifer 485kg 1035

2 Ch heifers 380kg 890

1 Ch cow 630kg 1080

1 Fr cow 780kg 1150


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