Award for calf milk warmer

A machine which heats cold milk from a reservoir as and when required by ad-lib fed calves has won the RABDF Livestock Machinery and Equipment Award at the Livestock Event in England.

The Heatwave Milk warmer gives the calf (or lambs or goat kid) access to warm milk on multiple occasions during the day.

“We were impressed by the very practical, simple and cost effective system which should enable farmers to do a better job with less effort,” said Angus Wielkopolski, RABDF council member and chairman of the judges.

“The machine enables warm milk to be fed little and often, encouraging higher daily live weight gains and healthy stock, and what’s more it is hygienic,” said Alan Dickson of Wynnstay, which markets the Heatwave Milk warmer.

The user fills a reservoir container with reconstituted milk powder or cold milk (whole milk lasts longer with a preservative added).

The Heatwave Milk Warmer is plugged in and placed between the container and the calf or lamb pens.

As milk from the reservoir is piped through the machine’s 25-litre heat exchanger tank, and onto a teat bar for the suckling calves, it is heated.

The Milk Warmer, which is thermostatically controlled, can cater for up to 30 calves or 50 lambs.

For weaning, the calves can have access to milk during the day, but the intake pipes can be dipped into cold water at night.

As calves get progressively more access to water and less access to milk, they will wean on to dry feed successfully.

The Milk Warmer comes with bayonet calf teat fittings, a and pump for cleaning, inlet fittings, and lamb teats. Optional extras include a sieve to filter whole milk, and a 110 litre mobile milk mixer reservoir and outlet tap.

The RABDF Award goes to the product that delivers the most economic value to the livestock sector.

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