76 mixed acres for sale in progressive Dunhill farming zone in Waterford

Dunhill is as progressive a farming zone as anywhere in Ireland. The County Waterford farming community is famous as a scenic hurling stronghold, close to the famous Copper Coast.

The large Integrated Constructed Wetland of the Anne Valley, in Dunhill, is a highly successful and ambitious project that shows how effluent waste can be treated safely and beneficially, without the cost of chemicals, when agricultural and tourism communities work together.

Just 3km north of the village of Dunhill is a new, 76-acre offering, listed with Waterford-based Guiry Auctioneers.

The land here is of mixed quality, with some in excellent order and the rest can be brought up to a similar standard, according to selling agent, Michael Guiry.

“Parts of the front of the farm probably need to be re-drained and then the back half of it is very good; very dry,” says the agent.

“So, with a bit of work, it could be brought up to land worth €10,000 an acre.”

The other great selling point about this chunk of Waterford pasture is the access.

At just 15km from Waterford City, the property is close to Kilmeaden village and the new motorway-standard, Waterford bypass, which links up with the Waterford-Dublin motorway system.

This property has plenty of road frontage, coming in two parts and with an excellent, “purpose-built roadway system” allowing superb access within the lands.

In parts of the property, there are mature oak and ash trees, too.

There are only two fields in all and the farm is laid out in permanent pasture. According to the selling agents, there is a fully reliable private water supply.

The boundaries around the land have been fenced for deer. A previous owner — a German national — kept deer on the farm and had a very tall, and secure, fence erected around the entire boundary.

The property was sold eight years ago, according to the selling agent.

The fence remained and has proved more than adequate in containing the cattle and sheep that have been grazing there since.

“It’s unreal, the quality of fencing that was put around it,” says the agent.

The price of €550,000 equates to just €7,200 per acre.

It appears to be a realistic figure, considering the varying quality of the holding, but a very affordable price for such a well laid-out and accessible piece of land.

Don’t be surprised if this one exceeds expectations.


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