Slurry can be a valuable product with plenty savings

Stan Lalor of Teagasc puts a value of €30 on 1,000 gallons of undiluted slurry, or the equivalent to one 50kg bag of a 6-5-38 fertiliser.

About 85% of the value comes from the P and K but if it is spread in the spring, much of the N (worth €5 per 1,000 gallons) can be utilised.

Slurry is a very valuable product and, if used correctly, can make a great saving in purchased fertiliser.

Spread as early as possible in the spring.

Most of the slurry should normally be spread on the silage areas where most of the slurry nutrients came from originally.

Ideally, spread after early grazing and before closing up for silage.

However, weather and ground conditions will dictate.

Nationally, it is estimated that only one third of slurry is spread in the spring, half in the summer (mostly after first cut silage), and the remainder in the autumn.

Make the necessary arrangements for application of slurry on dry ground as soon as conditions allows.

Even if you have your own machinery, it may be cheaper to hire in machinery contractors for slurry spreading, if labour is scarce.


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