Cookery school idea inspired by a trip to Paris

WHEN one has a flair for something, the requisite gaps tend to get filled in along the way, and Sarah’s life-long culinary passion and her travelling experiences were soon complemented with cooking courses she attended, including one in Ballymaloe House and in Paris.

“It all started when I was over visiting my brother in Paris, and one of the top 10 things to do I saw listed somewhere was to do a cookery course. I thought to myself, ‘That’s a great idea’, so my sister and I went to this lady who was basically giving a cookery course at her apartment kitchen. I was really impressed with her, and I thought it was something that I could do. I had been always trying to think of some way that I could get into food in some shape or form, and I thought that it would be best if I could do something from home, because I have three children and I wanted to be around for them.

Thus was her cookery school born. “The kitchen lends itself to doing cookery courses, it has a big central island with a gas hob, so in terms of capital input, very little was needed. So I got some funding from LEADER to invest in the website, photography and to do some more training. Since then, I’ve also got someone to help out in the business, Veronica Ryan. She’s absolutely fantastic, because she has skills that I wouldn’t have in terms of promotion and marketing and that sort of thing.”

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