Price rise cuts red meat purchases in UK

British consumers still buy beef, but in smaller volumes, mainly because the price has gone up 8%.

Beef market analysis for the year ending May 25 showed sales of mince and beef frying steaks back 1.6% and 2.2% respectively, compared to year earlier levels.

Meanwhile, the price of lamb has increased by 12%, and the latest monthly market analysis has revealed a steep decline in both the volume and value of sales.

Sales fell 8.5% for larger and more expensive roasting joints, and 14% for stewing beef.

Britain is the main market for Irish beef exporters, and they can take some encouragement from statistics showing improved beef sales in the shorter term.

In the four week period ending May 25, sales of beef were 3% higher than in 2013. mainly due to increases of over 9% in sales of mince and frying/grilling steaks.

But expenditure on lamb in the UK during the four weeks ending May 25 was down 18% on 2013, and the volume purchased by consumers was back 27%.


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