Weed spray vital part of reseed

The cost of reseeding is high but it’s highly rewarding if the job is done right, and if pre-sowing and post-sowing sprayings are carried out properly.

Pastures to be reseeded should be burned off with a glysophate product a few weeks before preparing the ground for reseeding.

This should get rid of the established weeds such as docks, but there will be millions of seeds i9n the ground which will germinate with the grass and clover seeds.

It is vitally important to spray the new reseeds before the weeds reach four inches high, because they are more easily killed at that stage, before their root reserves build up.

Where no clover was sown and dock seedlings and chick weeds are the major problem, fluroxypyr products are a good choice.

Where clover is included in the seed mix, which should normally be the case, because it significantly increases production, it is important that the clover has reached the trifoliate leaf stage before spraying, and an undersown spray should be used.

If stitching clover into pastures make sure to get rid of the weeds first, because there no effective product that does not have some effect on clover — as I have witnessed in Solohead and in other clover trials.

Where weeds have become established, such as in last year’s reseeds, undersown sprays are unlikely to be very effective.

* Since November 26 of last year, all farmers that spray have been required to attend training in boom and/or knapsack use. They have to attend courses, and information on these courses can be got from your chemical supplier.

This has been a great change for farmers spraying all their working lives.

But the experts tell us that 50% of the effectiveness of herbicides depend on using best practices and equipment.


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