Milk Quota Trading Scheme result

The twelfth Milk Quota Trading Scheme offered 29.3 million litres for sale, with 25.3m litres successfully traded. Of this, 16.6m litres was sold on the exchange at prices ranging from 8 to 50 cent per litre.

The remaining 8.7m litres was sold through the priority pool at the maximum price of 5 cent per litre.

It was the second of two schemes that will allocate quota in respect of the 2012/2013 milk quota year.

The volume offered for sale increased, to bring demand to supply ratio to slightly over 5:1.

The biggest distributions from the priority pool were in Glanbia (1,900,190 litres) and Kerry (2,507,819 litres).The biggest successor allocation was in Glanbia (548,726 litres).

Young farmers did best in Kerry, acquiring 1,374,831 litres.

Kerry had the most successful sellers, 39; Glanbia and Dairygold had the most successful buyers, 645 and 471 respectively.

Buyers were least successful in Bandon (only 34 of 38) and Tipperary (only 59 of 75).

None was traded at the market clearing price in the Barryroe and Drogheda co-ops.

Only in the small Kill Co-op in Co Cavan was more quota offered than sought. None was traded at the market clearing price, and all of Kill’s 115,316 litres available to the priority pool went to Category 1 (permanent quota of less than 350,000 litres).


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