Compaction damage risk for growers

Growers facing the task of harvesting in fields which are at full soil water capacity have been advised by Teagasc to prevent compaction damage from combines, and grain and straw trailers.

Advisors say growers must consider harvest efficiency versus minimising compaction or bogging in the wettest areas. In such areas, they should reduce tyre pressures on combines and trailers as much as possible (following manufacturers’ recommendations); fit dual wheels on combines; avoid side filling trailers on the run; fit low ground pressure tyres to trailers where possible; use chaser bins (with field tyres) or confine trailers to headlands; stay to tramlines as much as possible (especially when collecting bales); and check for soil compaction after harvesting. They may have to consider ploughing rather than min-till, especially for very compaction sensitive crops such as oilseed rape.


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