You can now go on a quest for the last loaf of bread in the new Beast From The East game

Amid the Storm Emma madness, the country was gripped by the reality of bread shortages across the country.

Not a loaf of bread to be found on store shelves over the weekend.

From people flogging loaves they found in the freezer on Done Deal to SOS messages in the snow, #BreadGate was at high alert.

Thankfully, breadmen all over the country have been able to re-stock the shelves this week and lunchboxes have resumed to proper order.

To pay homage to the madness, Irish gaming company has released a Beast From The East game, where you can go a on quest “for the last loaf of bread in Ireland”.

The game, which is seriously addictive, allows you to guide the cowboy character through various levels collecting loaves of Brennan's bread.

Give it a go here

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