With Storm Hannah set to hit Ireland, 9 problems we’re all having with the unpredictable weather

Stow away you winter clothing, slap on some sun cream and stock up on ice lollies – if Easter weekend proved one thing, it’s that summer has arrived early, and we can finally look forward to some fun in the sunshine.

Alternatively, realise that you can never have nice things, and sit miserably indoors while the thunderous skies dish out an abject lesson in pessimism.

It was all going so well during last week’s mini-heatwave, but our famously punitive weather patterns have struck back with a vengeance, and Storm Hannah is set to bring winds of up to 80mph to the south coast of Ireland tonight.

We’re used to unpredictable weather round these parts, but even for us there is a limit.  The fickleness of our atmosphere is causing problems…

1. All our weekend plans are in tatters

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“What perfect weather to book in a weekend away,” we mused naively, “let’s go surfing in Lahinch, or camping at Roundstone, or touring Tipperary in an open-topped jeep.”

Or I guess we could plead for a refund and stay inside playing Monopoly…

2. Picking an outfit is tricky


All you can really do is dress in layers, and be willing to lug your winter coat through boiling summer sunshine. You can put it in your bag next to the umbrella and the sunscreen.

3. It’s ruining the start of the summer event season

As Storm Hannah approaches social media is ringing with the sound of cancellations. Cycle rides, markets, sporting events, car boot sales, fun runs – all have fallen victim to the incoming maelstrom.

Note to self: Don’t plan anything outdoors until at least July.

4. It’s really difficult to get into a routine

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We know, variety is the spice of life, but it can be hard to keep track of your personal possessions when you’re wearing a different jacket every day. When the storm clouds are gathering it’s not a good time to realise you left your house keys in the chest pocket of your Hawaiian shirt.

5. It’s hard to know how long journeys will take


We get why rain leads to more traffic, but even walking somewhere seems to take twice as long in foul weather. Maybe it’s wind resistance, or just a general feeling of sluggish malaise. Either way, get your excuses ready in advance.

6. We’d just put out the garden furniture

So begins the garden merry-go-round generally known as ‘spring’. Put the deckchairs in, put the deckchairs out, then definitely take them in again before Storm Hannah shakes them all about…

7. It’s difficult to trust the weather forecast

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“Sunny with a chance of thunderstorms.”


8. It ruins DIY projects

This week was not a good time to add the first layer of paint on an outside wall, or build a skeleton structure for your new shed. Enjoy returning to find your wall spattered with dust and dirt, and your would-be shed lodged firmly in next door’s hedge.

9. It’s just really annoying

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Complaining about the weather is a national pastime here in Ireland, but this is getting out of hand.

Make up your bleedin’ mind.

- Press Association

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