We’ve picked the best travel-based downloads to watch or listen to depending on your journey time

Everybody loves visiting new places, but not everyone is so thrilled about the boring journey to get there.

In light of this, we’ve collected a list of travel-based things to watch or listen to, depending on how long your trip is.

Hopefully it will give you a whole lot of globe-trotting inspiration to fill the time.

Quick commutes

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Thirty minutes isn’t a long time, but you still don’t want to waste it. By the time you’ve found your seat, settled in and got stuck into the obligatory snacks, you’ll have enough of the journey left to listen to an episode of the Indie Travel Podcast.

The podcast is hosted by Kiwi couple Craig and Linda, who share personal stories and anecdotes from their travels over the last 10 years.

Lonely Planet once awarded it travel podcast of the year, so what better way to find out about new parts of the world whilst you’re on your own journey?

Short trips

Estimated duration: Two hours

If you’re off on a staycation this summer, chances are your trip  won’t last more than a couple of hours.

So why not take this opportunity to catch up on one of Netflix’s newest offerings? Not content with making hugely popular TV series, the streaming giant has also made some pretty successful films of late.

Okja was released earlier this year, and comes in at a pleasing two hours. It tells the story of a young girl from South Korea whose closest friend is a giant pig (yes, really). When the pig is captured and taken to New York, the girl plans an epic rescue mission. OK, so the gorgeous shots of South Korean scenery are a big leap from England’s rolling hills – but it will definitely ignite your wanderlust on a rainy day.

European flights

Estimated duration: 3 hours

Perhaps you’re leaving the country and hopping on a short-haul flight Thankfully, the podcast Zero to Travel will make that time fly by. In this show, Jason Moore (someone who has spent over 15 years travelling so knows his stuff) shares practical tips about life on the road, as well as speaking to fellow travellers and sharing stories.

Episodes range from half an hour to an hour, so you can make your choice depending on interests and journey time. Topics covered include “How To Retire Early and Travel the World” and “14 Ninja Packing Moves”.

Long-haul flights

Estimated duration: 9 hours

If you are lucky enough to be travelling further afield than Europe, you’ll need a bit more to fill in that long journey.

Chances are you’ve already watched all the latest David Attenborough shows, so get your travel fix by revisiting some of his older work. Netflix has the whole 2006 first series of Planet Earth on offer, and watching all of it will take nearly nine hours.

Now that’s a kind of binge you really won’t regret.

Really, really long-haul flights

Estimated duration: 23 hours

Anthony Bourdain photocall – London

Anthony Bourdain (Ian West/PA)

For those of you heading for really far-flung places, it’s going to take more than one television series to pass the time.

Flying to Australia takes around roughly 23 hours, and if you’re not keen on sleeping at all (each to their own), why not get your fill of Anthony Bourdain?

Bourdain is known for his travel food shows, so you’ll get to see some incredible places whilst also feasting your eyes on exotic cuisines. The first two seasons of both his shows The Layover (where he has between 24 and  48 hours to kill in different cities) and A Cook’s Tour (much more exotic) are on Netflix, coming in at nearly 20 hours in total.

Now that would certainly be a very unusual way to fill nearly a day of travelling.

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