Watch: Steak-eyed snowman 'attacked' by two Fota tigers

Two Sumatran tigers had as much fun in the snow as the rest of us over the weekend thanks to a steak filled snowman.

Fota Wildlife Park posted a video of a snowman with steaks for eyes in the tiger enclosure.

The park's social media pondered just how long ole Frosty would last. Turns out, he didn't last very long at all.

The tigers are quick to take apart the snowman in search of more food that could be buried within.

We hope they enjoyed their lunch.

The two Sumatran tigers in the video are family, with Dourga having given birth to Dharma last May.

Dourga the Sumatran Tiger. Picture: Kelly Lambe

It was a landmark moment for Fota as the Sumatran tiger is one of the rarest subspecies of tiger in the world and a critically endangered one.

Dharma was the first tiger to be born in Fota and there are only 300 to 500 individual tigers left in the wild.

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