Watch as singer hilariously calls out cameraman for filming in portrait mode

Filming in portrait mode is a pet hate so often decried against rookie cameramen.

So, when a singer in New Orleans spotted someone filming his band with their phone in just such an alignment, he had the perfect response.

The video was taken by Reddit user ImLazyWithUsernames, who spotted the band playing outside a house as he was leaving the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

“It was completely improvised,” he told the Press Association. “I thought, ‘that’s cool, I’m gonna take a snapchat’.

“Next thing I know I’m getting publicly called out for filming in portrait over a PA system in New Orleans.”

The Redditor’s post to the social media site drew a lot of attention, with thousands of upvotes – positive reactions in the Reddit’s post scoreboard, also known as karma – as well as tens of thousands of YouTube views.

“The lesson I learned from this is that filming in portrait has its upside for YouTube if it’s for calling you out and shaming you,” added ImLazyWithUsernames, who didn’t reveal their name. “But also getting you sweet, sweet karma.”

- Press Association

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