This sneaky snake managed to escape police custody in a daring getaway attempt

In Australia, police have a whole different set of challenges to deal with – including some worryingly resourceful snakes.

Officers in New South Wales were nearly left red-faced when one particularly daring reptile made a break for it while in police custody.

In a Facebook post, the force explained: “Police were called to Cronulla last week to deal with a small-scaled operation, specifically a danger noodle on the loose.

“With no snake catcher on hand, the nope rope was placed in a bag and safely conveyed to the station in the back of the truck.

“While at the station, our reptilian friend managed to escape custody, making its way across the nearest keyboard (possibly searching for the Esc key) doing one heck of a bamboozle on all present.”

Sadly for the serpent, the escape attempt was all for nought.

NSW Police wrote: “Luckily, the fugitive danger noodle was able to be coaxed back into its holding cell (bag), and there it remained until the arrival of the snake catcher five minutes later, whereby custody was successfully transferred.”

You can’t blame a snake for trying.

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