This phone ‘fell 1,000 feet’, survived and recorded the whole ordeal for you to watch

A man who dropped his phone out of a plane has apparently had his device returned to him unscathed and with a pretty epic video recording on it.

Blake Henderson was allegedly flying along at 1,000 feet when he dropped his phone from the aircraft. It was discovered by a family who were gardening outside their home – who were rather surprised by the find…

Posted by Henderson’s nephew Robert Ryan, the footage has gone viral on YouTube, amassing over 770,000 views. Ryan said his uncle dropped the phone after encountering “severe turbulence” in the JN-4 Jenny biplane.

Ryan told the Press Asssociation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone was found in Bowling Green, Kentucky – and it looks almost entirely unscathed.

The phone following the crash landing

(Courtesy of Robert Ryan)

However, some online have called the video a fake, claiming it is a covert advert for Samsung – and Ryan claims one interview his uncle took part in about the incident was “kind of an interrogation”.

“It baffles me, but I understand,” said Ryan. “We are all constantly targeted by some sort of marketing agenda.”

In an initial effort to prove his case Ryan posted a full, unedited version of the video – over 11 minutes of it.

“I’ll just leave it at this,” said Ryan. “We know it happened, we don’t have any vested interest in marketing a discontinued phone and I’m sure if someone more intelligent than I thought it was worth their time they would prove it!”

Despite the accusations of fakery, Ryan said Henderson has “had a blast with the interest” and he has also had fun with his “15 seconds of YouTube infamy” himself.

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