This man played a Lord Of The Rings song on a children’s meowing keyboard and it’s worth a listen

A classic movie soundtrack has had a rather strange make-over, as a man recreated Concerning Hobbits from Lord Of The Rings on a children’s keyboard.

Bobby McGill said he was browsing in a toy shop near Oxford when he came across a keyboard which uses cat’s meowing sounds for notes, and couldn’t resist playing a tune.

Uploading the video to Twitter, he said: “I present to you, the Lord of the Rings theme tune, in meows.”

The video of the unusual remix now has over 14,000 views.

McGill said: “I learnt to play when I was younger and play whenever I have access to a piano, which as a young person who moves house fairly regularly, isn’t as much as I’d like.

“Maybe that would be a good replacement for an actual piano, for the time being!”

Twitter users loved the cat piano version, with one even commenting that her child had the exact same toy.

McGill added that he knows the song was in fact Concerning Hobbits, rather than the Lord Of The Rings theme tune, and that despite this little mistake, he is a big fan of the movie franchise.

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