This lizard is going viral for its resemblance to a famous meme

A lizard has achieved internet fame by being photographed in a pose strikingly similar to a famous meme.

The photo of Petey the bearded dragon posted to Twitter by her owner Isabella Mione, 19, from Chicago has been likened to internet-famous Disaster Girl, who can be seen smiling devilishly at a camera as a fire rages behind her.

Disaster Girl is actually Zoe Roth, and the photo was taken during a fire brigade training session in 2004 as her family looked on.

Isabella snapped the photo of her eight-month-old bearded dragon on Monday when she spotted the likeness. “I took (the photo) just because it looked exactly like the little girl in the meme and so I thought it would be hilarious to compare them,” she told the Press Association.

Evidently, others on Twitter agreed. The original tweet showing her photograph has been retweeted over 23,000 times.

Isabella and her boyfriend have owned Petey since September, and originally thought she was a male. Now Petey the female has flourished into internet stardom.

“It’s very weird to have people recognise me because of my lizard!” said Isabella.

This isn’t Petey’s first time in the spotlight. A more innocent-looking photo of her went viral in February, showing her drifting on a flamingo rubber ring in the bath with Isabella.

Isabella and her bearded dragon certainly do have a close relationship. Isabella loves to show her off and is pleased the people of the internet are enjoying her friend.

“I’m her  number one fan and so I’m definitely happy she’s getting the fame I knew she deserved.

“She does a lot of goofy things and I’m really glad when I can share them and show people that lizards aren’t gross and they have personalities just like any other pet. Maybe this is why my friends call me the lizard lady!”

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