This little boy did exactly what was asked of him when learning the alphabet

This is the moment a little boy was practising his writing – and took one instruction a little too literally.

The boy, identified in the video as five-year-old Jeremiah, was trying to copy a sentence which read “My name is Jeremiah, I am 5 years old”.

It was posted on Twitter by his aunt @Irisrangell who was helping him master writing.

When he writes a lower case e backwards, his aunt explains as much and suggests he erases it saying “scratch it out”.

Jeremiah puts his pen down to try and scratch the letter from the page by hand.

The moment scored big on Twitter, amassing more than one million views. It’s been shared and liked almost 100,000 times.

In the initial post, Twitter user @IrisRangell called the boy her cousin but later pointed out that he was her nephew.

“It’s my cousin’s son,” she told Press Association. “I treat him as my own, we play sports together and he starts basketball soon so we’ve been practising that as well!

“I’m not a teacher but I love working with kids.”

She added later that Jeremiah had mastered writing an ‘e’, tweeting “he was so happy he finally got it down”.

- Press Association

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