This guy’s friend pranked him from across the country with a colour-changing mug

Ryan from Toronto, Canada was pranked by a friend from all the way across the country with a hilarious colour-changing mug.

His friend Kyle sent a black mug in the post that changes into a picture of an “OK” symbol when hot water is poured inside, a prank known as the “circle game”.

The popular game involves tricking your friend into looking at a circle made with your fingers; if they look, the prankster gets to hit them.

Ryan said he and his friend Kyle met when they were very young, and both grew up playing the game at school.

My buddy sent me a coffee mug in the mail. I’m not looking forward to next time I see him. from funny

Ryan said: “He [Kyle] currently lives on the other side of the country so we keep in touch via WhatsApp, phone calls, and now with mail packages.

“When I first received the mug in the mail I was very curious as the mug was so black and I couldn’t figure out why Kyle would send that. I decided to make some coffee later in the day in the afternoon and used the new mug.

“As the water heated the mug the black exterior slowly started to disappear. It was very cool because the water seemed to heat the cup from the bottom to the top, slowly revealing the hidden game beneath it.

“As I realised what was on the mug I remember muttering ‘son of a bitch’.”

The prank now has over 75,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Ryan said: “I certainly wasn’t expecting it but Kyle’s a classic prankster and this was on par with his personality. Now I need to figure out how to get him back.”

Kyle purchased the mug from the website Trick Mugs, if you want to troll your friends too.

- Press Association

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