This guy who got fooled by a fake plug sticker is having a worse day than you

A plug socket can be a lifesaver when you are in a public place and your phone’s run out of battery but it can also cause you grief, as one man found to his dismay.

Brandon Ewing was at Las Vegas airport when he called his girlfriend to surprise her, only to realise his phone battery was running low.

Frantically looking for a plug socket to charge his phone, Brandon spots one that he thinks will do the job.

The 27-year-old, who works in the gaming industry, said: “So I scour around Vegas airport looking for an outlet to save me, not knowing I am now unwittingly entangled in the web of history’s greatest villain.

“I’ve got minutes until my flight so I toss down my bag, sit on the floor, and try to plug my phone charger into a sticker.”

Realising that he was wasting his time, Brandon says he then decided to “use the last of my juice to call this Machiavellian, modern-day Loki out on Twitter”.

His attempt to track down the prankster appeared to backfire, and was instead joined by an unsympathetic internet who saw the lighter side of the situation.

Brandon said: “The real mistake I made was taking an example photo where my charger covered both slots of this sticker outlet, because then half the internet decided I deserved not only this prank but probably some prison time.”

So did he manage to find the prankster after all that trouble?

Brandon said: “As for what kind of person would do this, I have no idea.

“I just hope they make a Marvel movie about whoever finally catches him or her.”

- Press Association

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