There’s a new trend for piercing your ring finger instead of getting a wedding band

The latest wedding trend to hit Instagram isn’t to do with table settings or dress styles, it’s a whole lot more extreme.

Some people are shunning the traditional wedding band or engagement ring for something much edgier: a piercing.

It’s a simple idea – instead of wearing a ring, you pierce your fourth finger. This is one either for pain enthusiasts or those who are prone to losing jewellery.

Engagement tattoos have been around for a long time, so these piercings are really taking things to the next level for body modification fans.

Instagram user mstaaveley has the piercing. She says: “I got it done because I think it’s pretty. I think it’s something original, instead of just putting a simple ring on my finger.”

If you were tempted, she says that it didn’t really hurt but was more of a “weird feeling”.

Finger piercings tend to either have one stud or two. With a solo stud, a microdermal anchor is placed beneath the skin and a piece of jewellery is inserted into the finger. With two, a bar pierces the skin and balls are attached on either side to hold it in place.

Any kind of finger piercing shouldn’t be taken lightly though. As the stud is on your hand, it’s even more likely to get knocked than anywhere else.

Not only this, but it’s more likely to get infected as you go about your day-to-day life, and rejection rates are higher than for other piercings.

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If you do end up taking out the piercing, you’ll likely be left with a scar.

This is one bonus – it’s probably a lot cheaper than a flashy diamond ring.

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