The latest reason for train delays in Scotland: A trampoline on the line

Regular train users are all too familiar with delays because of leaves, snow or even animals on the line.

But passengers in Scotland were treated to a brand new reason for being late on Thursday morning when their train was delayed because of a trampoline on the track.

The offending equipment was spotted on the track near Patterton, just south of Glasgow, at around 7am, having apparently been carried away by Storm Caroline.

It meant customers had to deal with delays and cancellations for a couple of hours over the rush-hour, for which ScotRail later apologised.

While it was undoubtedly inconvenient for commuters travelling between Glasgow Central and Neilston, it brightened the mornings of people who watched it unfold on Twitter.

It has some way to go to become Scotland’s most famous storm-related trampoline, though.

Back in 2011, a teenager’s surprised reaction to a trampoline rolling past his window during the winds caused by Cyclone Friedhelm – also known as Hurricane Bawbag – went viral.

That video spawned remix videos, gifs and even T-shirts.

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