Ronan Keating says Boyzone TURNED DOWN the chance to release U2's Sweetest Thing

Sweetest Thing is a rather popular U2 song with a very memorable video.

Reportedly written by Bono as an apology to his wife, Ali Hewson, for missing a birthday - it was originally a B-Side which was released as a single in 1998.

The video features Bono taking Ali on a carriage ride with a number of celebrities appearing, including Boyzone.

And Boyzone featuring in the video is an interesting twist because Ronan Keating has today confirmed that the band TURNED DOWN the chance to record Sweetest Thing when U2 offered it to them.

Keating was speaking on RTÉ2FM with Eoghan McDermott when he dropped the bombshell.

McDermott had asked Keating about the rumours of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith writing songs for Boyzone's upcoming album.

"Ed's written a song," stated Keating. "And everything going to plan it's going to make the record. It's sounding amazing.

"There was some Sam Smith songs floating around, I don't know what happened but we don't have a Sam Smith song on the album.

We turned down U2 when they gave us the Sweetest Thing back 20 years ago and that was a huge mistake, so if Ed Sheeran gives us a song, we won't be turning that one down

McDermott, as surprised as the rest of us hearing the news, asks Keating if it is really true.

"I know, ridiculous," says Keating. "I don't know what happened, how it happened. It was offered to us. Sweetest Thing was offered to Boyzone.

"Wherever it came about, it didn't work for us, or it didn't sound right or whatever happened. And we didn't end up recording or releasing it.

Keating said he didn't know if it was public knowledge or not previously but said they had spoken about it before.

So there ya go - Boyzone turned down U2. Who'd have thought?

Probably for the best, though. U2's video is pretty great.

Keating was appearing on the show to talk about the Irish Pride Pink Loaf Campaign which is all in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation.

Irish Pride has launched a Hi-Fibre Plus loaf and they will make a donation to the Marie Keating Foundation for every loaf sold.

You can listen to Keating's full interview below.

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