People are explaining the little things they do to ‘stick it to the man’

Sometimes it’s fun to live life just a little bit on the edge.

Reddit user cortexer asked people on the website for examples of small things they do every day to “stick it to the man” and live with a little flair.

Here are 12 of the best examples, that will make you feel like a daredevil.

1. This person must save countless pennies.

2. Keeping your shirt un-tucked is very edgy.

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3. Confusing mind-readers is one way to live on the edge…

4. This person uses his Metro card for good.

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5. We have a true daredevil here.

6. Technically this parent isn’t violating any rules.

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7. This person uses their favourite font without apology.

8. Four for the price of one.

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9. This person took what they were charged for.

10. “I’m not falling for any adverts!”

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11. Saving money on your energy bill.

12. Lastly, this genius.

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