Paw Patrol: Garda carries injured dog to safety from Waterford cliffs

Paw Patrol: Garda carries injured dog to safety from Waterford cliffs

A Garda has been credited with saving the life of an injured dog found on a cliff walk.

Garda Colm O’Callaghan carried the dog for 1 km to his patrol car and then carefully brought him to the vet.

The Garda was fantastic. To carry the dog that distance really shows he has such a caring nature.

That’s according to Naoive Coggin, who stayed with the dog while the alarm was raised and who said, that without the Garda, “really the dog would have died.”

She was walking the Ardmore Cliff walk in county Waterford with her son Oisin Nugent (13) and their neighbour Jean O’Riordan when they came upon the distressed Golden Retriever.

She said it was about 8.30pm on Monday/yesterday (Monday this week, the 15th) and the trio were about half way around the cliff part of the walk when “a dog passed us on the pathway and was kind of running and I thought there is something wrong with his paw.”

They turned the corner and saw the dog had collapsed on the pathway.

She said, “his paw was very bad, you could see the bone through the skin.”

His nose was also cut and bleeding.

Naoive said, “ He was in awful pain, his other front paw was stretched out and he was shivering. It was desperate.”

While he was found on the walkway itself. It is not known how the injuries were sustained but Naoive said, “to the left towards the sea is the actual cliff, he may have fallen part of the way and was able to make his way back but we don’t know.”

There was no mobile phone signal so she stayed with the dog and Oisin and Jean jogged to the nearest house which was about 2km away.

They contacted the guards and the local guard Colm came down straight away.

He is stationed at Ardmore Garda Station.

The only way was to lift the dog and he lifted him first in his arms and then another member of the public suggested putting the dog on his shoulders, which he did, and he carried the dog, now known to be called Bailey, back to the patrol car that way.

“He put a blanket out in the boot of the car and out the dog onto the blanket and then he brought him to the vets.”

They were able to find out who the owners were and Naiove was able to tell the owner where his dog was.

“The dog is doing really well. He is a gorgeous dog, normally dogs would be snappy if they were injured but he just put his head on my lap and just lay there on the cliff.

“I thought he was going to die on me while we were waiting but he didn’t.

“I think he was fantastic, to carry the dog the distance that he did really shows such a caring nature you know, really the dog would have died on the cliff without him really.”

Bailey is understood to be back home and on the mend.

This story was updated at 3.30pm

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