MP mocked for saying all knives should be fitted with GPS

MP Scott Mann has been mocked online after he suggested fitting all knives sold in the UK with GPS tracking to help cut down violent crime.

The Conservative, who represents North Cornwall, wrote on Twitter: “Every knife sold in the UK should have a gps tracker fitted in the handle. It’s time we had a national database like we do with guns. If you’re carrying it around you had better have a bloody good explanation.”

Mr Mann added there would be “obvious exemptions for fishing etc” but his idea has been mocked by many who thought it unlikely to be an effective strategy.

Twitter user @m_plewes tweeted: “How do you think this would work for every kitchen knife in the country?”

Others teasingly suggested the tracking should not stop at knives.

Twitter user @lottelydia tweeted: “Why stop there? GPS trackers in EVERY KITCHEN IMPLEMENT. If you’re carrying a spatula on the tube you better have a bloody good explanation.”

“Can we do the same for teaspoons because I’m forever losing them,” tweeted @MrShaneReaction.

Another, @JonnyGabriel, said: “Hear me out, Scott; listening devices on screwdrivers.”

Fellow Conservative MP Johnny Mercer later made light of the situation by sharing a video of himself and Mr Mann reading through the mocking messages.

In the video Mr Mercer is seen entering Mr Mann’s office in Westminster, which has a sign written on the door which reads “Ministry of Good Ideas.”

“Scotty, how are you my friend?” Mr Mercer asks. “Apparently you’ve had a good idea?”

After Mr Mercer has read out some of the mocking tweets Mr Mann responds by saying: “It probably was a bit of a shit idea right?

“But ultimately we have a problem and no one’s coming up with any solutions.”

Mr Mercer says he agrees with Mr Mann on that point, then proceeds to read out more mocking tweets.

Fellow Twitter user @DuaineASamuels said Mr Mann’s idea was “brilliant”, although his tongue appeared to be firmly in his cheek as he attached a photo of a kitchen knife tied with string to an Apple iPad.

“Actually it’s a brilliant idea,” he tweeted. “I’ve made a prototype!

“Thoughts? I know it could be smaller but the first one is always bigger.”

Labour MP Paula Sherriff rebuked Mr Mann by claiming the Conservative Government is to blame for rising knife crime.

She tweeted: “Or alternatively Scott, your Govt could just reinstate the Police Officers numbers which have been slashed, the youth services that have been decimated and maybe even reintroduce some early intervention services?

“Just a thought.”

- Press Association

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