Just a whole bunch of things Reddit users think make you a good person

Ever wondered what it is that makes a good person? Reddit users certainly have been.

In a thread titled: ‘What are some “green flags” that someone’s a good person?’ the website’s members suggested a number of things to look out for – here’s a selection of the best.

1. Party planner

“They’re a host of a party and want to make sure everyone is having a good time. They connect wallflowers with other people there, all while looking after people, and cleaning up.” – InGordWeTrust

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2. The selfless gamer

“They give you the player 1 controller when you’re at their house.” – Weep2D2

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3. Meme team

“They show you their memes” – InvMiqx

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4. No trash talk

“They don’t participate in bad mouthing others” – BitterMarkJackson

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5. No trash throwing

“If they don’t throw their trash in the ocean” – SpermWhale

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6. Equality

“They treat everyone equally, regardless of the other person’s status/job/popularity/anything else.” – Kitski

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7. Market manners

“They return their shopping cart.” – BenevolentDog

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8. Good listeners

“When they actually ask you followup questions when talking to you, rather than just switching straight to their own answer.” – ArchetypicalDegen

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9. Share the stage

“If somebody is getting talked over, they actively make sure the person gets to say what they wanted to say” – pickmetoo

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10. Acceptance

“They can accept when they are wrong about something without getting angry or defensive.” – Frolic-A-holic

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