Just 9 intriguing shower thoughts that Reddit users had

Have you ever had one of those really random thoughts in the shower, and wonder whether or not anyone else has thought of it before?

Well if someone has, they probably put it on Reddit…

With that in mind, here are nine thoughts Reddit users had that made them think, and might make you do the same.

1. “A biological parent who gets along really well with their child literally made a friend” – reallyfunatparties

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2. “When you go into a room and forget why, it’s like you’re a character in The Sims and the player cancelled the action” – Jegethy

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3. “Figure skating is just walking in cursive” – nhines_

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4. “Commas are just sentence speedbumps” – jsavage44

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5. “You only know you’ve fallen asleep once you wake up” – theplanetisround

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6. “When a good song happens to play when shuffling it’s way more enjoyable than individually playing it” – rouskie15

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7. “Future generations won’t understand the robot dance, because robots will all move smoothly” – iribuya

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8. “The tongue is the only part of your reflection you can lick” – bidoofman87

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9. “If you watch Friends and HIMYM back-to-back, you see a 20-year progression of young adults in New York City” – tannerpuckett

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