John Waters storms off Eamon Dunphy's podcast calling him a "f***ing b****cks'

By Breda Graham

Activist and journalist John Waters stormed off Eamon Dunphy's podcast The Stand earlier today during a discussion on the Eighth Amendment.

Mr Waters appeared on the podcast to give his opinions against repealing the Eighth Amendment prior to a seperate interview where Irish Times journalist Una Mullally argued in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Just after 13 minutes into the interview, Mr Waters becomes frustrated with Eamon Dunphy's questions and storms out of the studio calling him a "f**king bollocks."

Having asked Mr Waters about where he believes life begins, Dunphy turned his line of questioning toward the morning-after pill.

Waters responds hastily reminding Dunphy "We’re not talking about abortion pills, we’re talking about wholesale slaughter, potentially up to the moment of birth and possibly even past it”, calling it an "entirely different matter".

Listen to the full interview here:

The conversation then turns as Waters tells Dunphy to "f**k off."

"Well look Eamon we have forty minutes to do an interview so can we talk about the issue or else I'm going home. I'm fed up of this," he said.

Dunphy can be heard telling John not to go before he responds:

"You told me this would be a fair interview, this is not a fair interview. You're a f**king bollocks. F**k off Eamon."

Dunphy explained after the ordeal that the "intention was to have somebody representing the no side and then to balance that with Una Mulllally, an Irish Times journalist, representing the Yes side."

He said that by playing the clip out that people can make their own mind up about what occurred.

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