It was all about bricks, islands and Christine on Room To Improve last night

Meet Christine. She was Dermot’s client on last night’s Room To Improve.

After buying a terraced house in Clontarf, she was keen to have some Bannon magic throughout it.

Christine was definite in what she was looking for from Dermot, and Twitter was definite in their feeling for her.

But some people were very impressed with her.

She was certainly prepared with a 25-page wishlist…

And she was certain she wanted an island in her kitchen.

However, Dermot and QS Lisa were wary about the budget.

And the ‘dose of reality’ came when Dermot revealed his plan…and the expectations and the budget clashed.

And Lisa was quick to hand out the reality medicine.

As the build began, problems emerged.

House redesigned to solve the issues, and Christine was much happier.

But there was quite a debate over the bricks for the garden.

In the end, Dermot won out with his grey brick.

There was another visit from Lisa as the tight budget was stretched further.

However, the kitchen proved problematic. Christine did get her island…

…but there was an issue with the colour.

But would the house turn out to be Christine’s dream house? Of course it would!

And a lot of people had a soft spot for Christine by the end of it all.

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