How not to act in your first relationship, according to Reddit

For many, a first relationship is a time for experimenting with a new partner.

The issue is, as this is your first time being in love, it can be difficult to work out what’s cool and what really isn’t. Luckily for those coming of age, they can learn from the mistakes of teenagers past, by looking to Reddit.

Now, you may not want to take on everything Reddit users post, but the replies to this thread on the cringiest things you did in your first relationship are a good barometer on what not to do.

Here’s some sage advice:

Don’t take inspiration from the animal world to woo the object of your desire

Making jewellery can sometimes work, but not always

Movies are not real life. Remember that

Don’t forget that communication is important, but too much of it is creepy

Keeping their hair may also be a no no

Kissing, holding hands and all the other stuff are awkward enough, don’t make it worse

Most importantly, don’t hide who you really are – the real you is just right

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