Here are the embarrassing childhood things that people thought were really cool

We’ve all done embarrassing things as children that we thought were really cool at the time, then looked back to seriously regret.

Reddit user lacrimosa122 asked people on the website for the really trendy things they thought they had done as kids but then looked back to realise were mortifying, and users did not disappoint.

Here are 11 of the best examples – they might just make you cringe.

1. This person over-estimated the ‘cool’ factor of zip jeans.

2. Pimples are very a la mode.

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3. You could wear your dad’s clothes to look fashionable?

4. This person acted like a dinosaur for a full month.

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5. Being left-handed might make you stand out from the crowd.

6. This person wore goggles everywhere.

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7. These childhood photos must be a little cringe-worthy.

8. The ‘Matrix’ phase.

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9. This person was born in the wrong decade.

10. Wow.

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11. Lastly, what on earth?

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