Everyone’s loving this motorised bar stool from 1988

The RTÉ archives, a place full of weird and wonderful Irish content, that would make the tri-colour proud.

Lately, there has been one clip from 1988 doing the rounds, and it's probably the most stereotypical Irish thing you’ll see this March.

A 50cc motorised bar stool, invented by Noel Duffy, from Walsh Island in Co Offaly.

“The idea came out of a chat with friends about what it would be possible to put an engine into,” The RTÉ archives reads.

“Noel was of the belief that anything and could have an engine and so the motorised bar stool was born. Noel claims the stool could do around 35 miles per hour but he wouldn’t like to be sitting on it at the time”

The clip of the stool in action was included in an episode of the Evening Extra on March 11, 1988.

During the broadcast reporter, Eamonn Ó Muirí pointed out the lack of brakes on the invention, to which Noel responds, “Whoever thought of brakes on a bar stool?”

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