Everyone is making the same joke about this oddly satisfying gate in the snow

That feeling of being the first to disturb freshly laid snow is one many have had the privilege to enjoy this week – but one woman has taken those levels of odd satisfaction to new heights.

Twitter user @kaytejudge shared a picture of the pattern left by her garden gate, and the viral response it’s had shows the best things in life really are free and simple.

Kayte’s post has received thousands of shares and likes, but while some are just finding it satisfying many were all thinking of the same joke.

“I’ve been asked for my Wi-Fi code in many, many different languages now,” Kayte told the Press Association.

Apart from jokes about internet signals though, Kayte said she just took the picture because it felt right.

“I made my son come out with me and take a picture before he left for school,” she said. “It just looked ‘right’.

“Sometimes things are very satisfying to look at. So I shared it.

“To be honest, when it hit 97 likes I was claiming to have ‘gone viral’ but then it actually did go a bit bonkers.”

Clearly the postman hadn’t checked Twitter.

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