Everyone fell in love with 'true blue' Dubs Pat and Maureen on First Dates

Two daters from Dublin captured the hearts of viewers on First Dates Ireland this evening.

71-year-old retired crane operator Pat was paired with 68-year-old former Jacobs worker Maureen, and the pair got on famously.

Maureen, whose husband died at just 38, said they honeymooned in the Isle of Man to spend the tax-back they got for marrying before April.

Twitter immediately wondered if that was still a thing.

Pat and his wife of 47 years travelled to snowy Waterford for their own honeymoon.

He admitted he doesn't like being on his own.

"The worst thing that can happen to anybody is not getting to say goodbye," he said, explaining she died unexpectedly while at her mother's house.

Pat's daughter Sinead even voiced her support for the pair on Twitter.

The big question: would they like to meet again?

A resounding yes.

Pat serenaded Maureen with 'some Enchanted Even' before the pair left arm-in-arm.

Some bonus footage of Pat and Maureen dancing together was also released as the show ended.

Meanwhile, Cork daters 20-year-old student Alexandrea and traveler Eoin, 25 discussed how often they say the word like, like.

They agreed to meet up in future, but as friends, like.

Harris, 22, went on a date with 21-year-old Micha, and both are from Blanchardstown.

Pizza shop worker Harris told his date he is a part-time personal trainer - and immediately panicked when he learned she attends the same gym he mentioned.

After describing himself as a mammy's boy, his phone began to ring.

Who else would it be but mammy herself.


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