Do not fat shame an instagram corgi; they will come for you

Pax may look like a normal, fun loving Corgi, but a comment on his Instagram account has sparked a remarkable viral debate about fat shaming dogs.

It all kicked off when Instagram user setphonie_erin commented on a picture of Pax at a pet grooming shop, writing: “That poor dog is so obese.”

To which Morgan, Pax’s owner and Instagram curator, replied: “Actually bitch, the healthy weight for an adult male Corgi is 25-30 lbs and he weighs 26.

“Go troll on someone else’s page and find something better to do than hate on a precious dog that looks better than you ever will.”

“I felt the need to call out the extremely rude individual,” Morgan, from Houston, Texas, told the Press Association.

“He is not a ‘poor dog’. He is very happy, healthy, and loved.”

Morgan’s response to the criticism towards Pax has really captured the imagination online, with many amused by the idea that it appeared it was Pax giving the response.

Morgan hopes that as well as laughing at the sassy exchange, that a message will be shared too.

“I hope that others will learn from this exchange that whether you’re body shaming a person or a dog that someone owns and loves, it’s all hurtful and unnecessary,” she said.

Despite her incredible response on the Instagram account, Morgan said the “internet troll” is still “harassing” her with more than 50 “hateful and untrue” comments on the Instagram post.

“I felt the need to call her out, hoping that she would learn her lesson to quit being judgemental and rude, especially with making inaccurate comments,” she added.

“But that did not work.

“I feel better about not responding to the provoking comments and being the better person than I would’ve felt had I been as hateful as her.”

So, what about Pax? Well, from the look of the six-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he isn’t too bothered by it all.


Pax is one of three Corgis and a mixed breed owned by Morgan and her husband Andrew.

Their Instagram account pcacorgis is so called for the names Pax, Carter and Apollo – while the mix is a rescue dog called Pirelli.

If you would like to see more of Pax and the gang, follow them on Instagram.

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