Confused about the US gun debate? This video uses cats to show one side of the argument

One proponent for gun control decided to simplify their argument with an animation featuring none other than the internet’s favourite animal – cats.

Los Angeles animator Alex Clark uses the concept of “cute cuddly cats” and “awful cats” which claw people in the face to explain gun violence and current calls for reform in a departure from his usual fun animations about his life.

The voiceover for the video says: “Let’s say you’re at the movies or church or school when out of nowhere a cat pops up and claws you in the face.

“Suddenly you might want to do something about this cat.”

It then goes on to talk about restricting ownership of certain types of cats. There’s also a barely-veiled dig at the gun lobbying group the NRA through a character named Mrs Nra, who leave out treats for the awful cats.

Mrs Nra wants people to be able to own lions, tigers and cheetahs.

The video also links to the March For Our Lives, which will be taking place on March 24. The march is being organised by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida whose teachers and classmates were killed in a shooting last month.

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