12 daft ways people have accidentally injured themselves

We’re all prone to a clumsy moment at one point or another.

But some of our most embarrassing moments of self-inflicted pain can turn into great storytelling material down the line.

Reddit user kezzerb asked: “What’s the stupidest way you have hurt yourself?”

See if you can top these.

1. This deserves an A for sheer effort.

2. That’s one way to learn.

3. What did you expect?!

4. Ooof.

5. There’s no greater pain than a spicy eye.

6. If you didn’t break your arm at the biggest event in the primary school calendar … then did you even read?

7. 90. degree. angle. Ouch.

8. It’s worth it for the good boy or girl.

9. We’ve all been there.

10. The only way is … to the dentist.

11. Science: 1 – JoeisaBro: 0.

12. When ice cream is life.

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