10 of the most wince-inducing DIY medical procedures doctors have been faced with

Sometimes it can be a pain to book a doctor’s appointment for something small, but DIY medical treatment can go way too far.

Reddit user Shandrith posed the debate to the website, asking for medical professionals to share the craziest DIY treatment they’ve ever seen a patient attempt.

Here are some of the best answers.

1. This patient got herself into a sticky situation

2. This is an awful quick fix

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3. A happy accident fixed this patient’s shoulder

4. This poor child got badly burnt

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5. This lemon juice treatment is a no-no

6. This cold remedy sounds awful

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7. This teen’s homemade splint was actually a great idea

8. A bowl of oatmeal solves everything…

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9. Do not try this at home!

10. This child’s allergies were tested in the worst way

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