UK think-tank calls for Brexit clarity

Britain needs to begin explaining its Brexit strategy to avoid prolonged uncertainty for businesses and negotiating partners, a London-based think tank said yesterday, warning that internal squabbling risked undermining the British government’s position.

Since taking office in July, Prime Minister Theresa May has said little about what kind of deal she wants to strike with European partners on key issues like trade and immigration.

“Silence is not a strategy,” said Hannah White of the Institute for Government think-tank.

“The current situation — where we are left to interpret personal musings of individual ministers — is frustrating those looking for an early exit, perplexing those with whom we have to negotiate and unsettling those looking to do business in the UK.”

Ms May has said she does not intend to reveal her negotiating stance nor give a running commentary on talks with the EU.

“In the short term, Theresa May needs — at the very least — to clarify the process and timescales through which she intends her government to agree the UK’s initial negotiating position,” the think-tank said.


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