Tommy Bowe’s commercial sports firm announces profit of €317k

Flying winger Tommy Bowe’s commercial sports firm was sitting on accumulated profits of over €317,000 at the end of last March.

Accounts filed by Mr Bowe’s Tommy Bowe Sports Ltd to Companies House in the UK show the firm had accumulated profits of £256,634 (€317,810) at the end of March 2015.

The firm’s accumulated profits dropped by £18,358 from £274,992 during the period. Mr Bowe is currently laid low and is out injured.

However, his off-field brand — selling shoes and clothes — continues to blossom.

He even outshines Amy Huberman, who also lends her name to the same Co Monaghan firm, Buddha Brand.

Buddha Brand recently confirmed ‘Lloyd & Pryce — The Tommy Bowe Collection’ footwear for gents, ladies and children, accounted for 28%, or €2.6m, of the firm’s €9.3m revenues in the year to the end of January last year.

Its ‘XV Kings — Tommy Bowe Designs’ — gents’ clothing and lifestyle range, accounted for an additional €1.39m in sales.

The combined sales for the Tommy Bowe brand accounted for €4m of the firm’s revenues. That compares with €1.67m sold under the Amy Huberman-inspired collection.

The cash pile at Mr Bowe’s firm fell from £86,101 to £45,740, while the value of the firm’s investments increased more than three-fold to £77,615.

The 32-year-old Monaghan native’s season was stopped in its tracks by a knee injury.

Mr Bowe’s current three-year contract with the IRFU and Ulster extends to June 2018.

The figures for the firm show that the money owed to creditors for more than one year last year fell from £128,246 to £120,433.

The value of the company’s stocks remained unchanged at £222,750.

The abridged accounts, which do not provide a revenue figure, show that the money owed by debtors fell from £86,101 to £45,740.

In his rugby career, he has scored 150 points, won 67 caps for Ireland and five caps with the Lions. Mr Bowe made his debut for Ireland in November 2004.

His sporting talents are not confined to the rugby field. He has also played for Monaghan at under-16 and minor level in football.

He also represented Monaghan in a running relay team in the All-Ireland Community Games at Mosney at under-age level.


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