PODCAST: The Small Business Show (21/07 - 27/7/2014)

This week’s Small Business Show news looks at Irelands new Minster who’s remit includes Small Business, Ged Nash. What can SMEs expect from him and can he support SMEs with policies.

Also on this week’s Show

- The gender pay gap set to last for 75 years according to new report

- TriggerSmart receives $100k to invest in their future

- Making sure your business event is streamlined with Eventbrite

Part 1

Kehlan, Olwen and Avine talk about this week’s news for SMES which includes:

- A new minister to represent SMEs in government

- SFA announces pre budget submissions

- Surviving office politics

Part 2

Jim Clarken from Oxfam Ireland talks with Kehlan about their new G20 report on the Gender Pay Gap. Jim explains the reasons why Oxfam produced such a report like this and how solving the gender pay gap makes not only moral sense but economic sense.

Part 3:

TriggerSmart is an Irish company that has developed a gun which cannot be used by children and can also be turned off once it gets inside certain areas of high security or even a school. They have just been awarded $100k for investment in their business. Richard McNamara explains where the idea comes from and what it could mean for gun safety and gun laws.

Part 4:

On the final part of this week’s show Marino Fresch from events and tickets platform Eventbrite is back to talk to Kehlan about streamlining your business events and what you need to remember when organising and getting people to your event.








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