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The Small Business Show

Small Business Column: Budget 2015

As the dust settles, Kehlan Kirwan looks at Budget 2015, and what it may mean for Irish small businesses


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (28/07 - 05/08/2014)

This week’s Small Business Show news looks at whether or not someone on an internship can be considered an employee. Also on this week’s Show:
- Tax and Incentives for the unemployed who want to start their own business
- Linked Finance explain how crowd lending is supporting SMEs
- The coffee house serving more than taste


Small Business Column: Evolution a requirement for survival

This week, Kehlan Kirwan from the Small Business Show looks at developing new strands in order to survive and learning new ways to grow your enterprise


Small Business Q&A: Peter O’Mahoney from Linked Finance

For this week’s Q&A, Kehlan talks with Peter O’Mahoney from Linked Finance, which is looking to be the leading force in Ireland when it comes to peer-to-peer lending.


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (21/07 - 27/7/2014)

This week’s Small Business Show news looks at Irelands new Minster who’s remit includes Small Business, Ged Nash. What can SMEs expect from him and can he support SMEs with policies.

Gerald 'Ged' Nash

Small Business Column: Will a new face at Cabinet bring anything new for SMEs?

The Cabinet reshuffle has seen a lot of new faces around the government. Ged Nash is now the Junior Minister in charge of small business, which includes collective bargaining. KEHLAN KIRWAN asks will a new face bring anything new for SMEs?

Jim Clarkin: Concerned with gender pay gaps.

Small Business Q&A: Jim Clarkin from Oxfam Ireland

On this week’s Q&A, Jim Clarkin from Oxfam Ireland talks about its recently released report showing the gender pay gap will take nearly 75 years to reach parity if current trends continue.


Small Business Column: Limerick Chamber of Commerce economist Orlaith Borthwick

In this Small Business Show special, Limerick Chamber of Commerce economist Orlaith Borthwick looks at our main shopping streets and says elasticity is the key to getting consumers shopping again.


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (14 - 20/07/2014)

This week’s Small Business Show news looks at how SMEs across Ireland are counting the cost of the Garth Brooks saga and why it could means businesses going to the wall over the situation.


Small Business Column: Start-ups popping in from abroad

With the creation of offices and virtual offices, we are seeing start-ups and small businesses arrive in Ireland and are quickly becoming the small business hub of Europe.


Small Business Q&A: Wayne Byrne from OxyMem

Kehlan talks with Wayne Byrne from OxyMem, which recently won the first Water Innovation SME Award in Europe for membrane technologies. Wayne explains what they do and why it’s so important for the world in which we live


PODCAST: the Small Buisness Show (07-13/07/14)

On this week’s show we look at food start-ups and ask why Silicon Valley SMEs are opening up offices in Ireland. Also on the show:
- The mutual benefits of business and the arts
- The Irish company looking to change water treatment around the world
- How a search to ease eczema led to a business making natural soap


Small business Q&A: Orlaith Borthwick, Limerick Chamber of Commerce economist

Orlaith Borthwick, economist at Limerick Chamber of Commerce, talks with Kehlan about the commercial rates revaluation going on across the country.


Small Business Column: Tobacco firms to pay the price

Kehlan Kirwan looks at plans for a new system of fees for tobacco retailers and asks why many small businesses feel there is still a gap between the Government’s talk on SMEs and its policies.


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (30/06 - 06/07/2014)

On this weeks Small Business Show - brought to you in association with Volkswagen: Commercial Vehicles - we take a look at how some retailers may be paying out twice on a new charge for those selling tobacco, the Self-Assessment tax return in October, the revaluation of rates around the country and the study that shows what shoppers want.


Small business Q&A: Richard Barrett and Ross O’Dwyer from punditarena

Kehlan talks with Richard Barrett and Ross O’Dwyer from punditarena.com. They are part of the Ignite programme at UCC and are looking to be the go-to place in Ireland for insightful and quality sports writing.


Small Business Column: The business of art and festivals

Kehlan Kirwan turns his attention to the business of festivals and art as the summer season takes hold and an expectation of one of the brightest summers in a long time for SMEs.


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (23-29/06/14)

On this weeks Small Business Show, brought to you in association with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we ask are many commentators jumping the gun by suggesting things are on the up for SMEs.


Small Business Column: Retailers need to get sports savvy to cash in on the action

Kehlan Kirwan looks at the close relationship between sports and business as a long summer of sport kicks off and advises retailers to get savvy and cash in on the action.


Small Business Q&A: James King Student Engineer of the Year

James King has just won the Engineers Ireland Level 8 Student Engineer of the Year award for 2014. James talks to Kehlan about his invention, MediPod, and what it could mean for access to medical supplies in remote areas.


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (16-22/06/2014)

Are retail moods on the rise? Who was celebrating after the foodies towns awards last week? Just some of the questions answered in this week’s show. We also meet the Cork student who won Engineer Ireland’s Student Award and sits down with Brigitta Curtain from Burren Smokehouse. Finally we reveal how the digital market is giving a platform to Irish retailers and helping them win a slice of the €8.5m daily online spend in Ireland.


VIDEO: Business bootcamp at UL’s Nexus Center

The Small Business Show video edition travelled to the University of Limerick to meet the winners of the National Student Enterprise awards as they honed their business skills with a business bootcamp in the Nexus Center. This story is enriched with multi-media content


Small Business Column: Still gaps between education and needs of business

With state exams in full swing, Kehlan Kirwan from the Small Business Show examines why there are still skill gaps between what education provides and what businesses need to fill positions

Derek Perill, FRS Recruitment

Small Business Q&A: Derek Perill, FRS Recruitment

Kehlan talks with Derek Perill from FRS Recruitment about the changing needs of the SME employer and what they look for in prospective employees. He also looks at the increase in SMEs looking to retain their best staff and how the owner manager holds on to them.


PODCAST: Small Business Show (9-15/06/14)

This week Kehlan, Olwen and Brian discuss a 23% rise in SME employment and reveal why you should be changing all of your online passwords in the next two weeks to protect your business. The show also focusses on the digital currency IrishCoin, which aims to target the tourism sector. With more and more businesses looking to hire, FRS Recruitment talks to Kehlan about finding the right candidates and retaining the best staff. In the final part of the show CloudyStar talk about their creation, Tipper Z, and reveal why they are raising funds on crowd funding website, kickstarter.


Small Business Column: Kehlan Kirwan looks at Ireland’s small artisan food producers

Kehlan Kirwan from the ‘Small Business Show’ looks at Ireland’s small artisan food producers and why they are turning Ireland into the food haven of Europe.


Small Business Q&A: Tim Cummins from AltraTech

With last year’s horse-meat scandal still affecting the way we shop, meat companies are turning to fast and effective ways of finding tainted meat before it leaves their factories.


PODCAST: The Small Business Show (2-8/6/2014)

The need for clear protocols around social media usage by employees is among the topics discussed on this week’s Small Business Show. Kehlan also travels to a start-up looking to disrupt the meat testing market with their silicon chip based test kits, visits an organisation looking to help solve issues in your business by encouraging round table discussion and in depth forums and talks to one of the founders of Chia Bia.


VIDEO: The Small Business Show travels to the Burren Slow Food Festival in Co. Clare

Small Business Show presenter Kehlan Kirwan meets up with some great businesses to find out where the inspiration comes from. Darina Allen also stops by to have a chat as west Clare shows off some great food, products and ideas. This story is enriched with multi-media content


PODCAST: Small Business Show (23-29/05/14)

Kehlan, Olwen and Avine discus this weeks news including why Irish SMEs are in a better financial state than previously thought. Croom Enterprise Park talks to the show about rural start-ups and businesses. We also talk to the Irish company disrupting the €23bn global cards market and in the final part of the show Libera Terra from Sicily talk about how they are fighting the influence of the mafia by producing organic food and jobs.