Tension mounts over late GLAS payments

ICMSA rural affairs chairman Patrick Rohan says delays in GLAS payments represent a breach of the Farmers’ Charter of Rights, which states “payment of up to 75% will commence the third week of October and payment of 25% balance to commence when all inspections are completed, normally mid-December”.

Mr Rohan says the payment delays are adding to cashflow pressure on farmers, who have endured two years of unprecedented income pressures.

“There’s massive annoyance at the off-hand way the terms of the Farmers Charter are being breached here,” said Mr Rohan.

“GLAS involved considerable costs;we feel perfectly entitled to call on Minister Creed to intervene and ensure the payments overdue to all GLAS farmers are made immediately.”

Meanwhile, Joe Brady, IFA rural development chairman, has urged Mr Creed to accept all applicants for the GLAS scheme.

He said that next Thursday’s application deadline may have to be extended to ensure all potential applicants are accepted.

The commencement day for all contracts must be from January 1, 2017, so that farmers can avail of the full five years of the plan up to the end of 2021.


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